PV콤바이너 박스

The photovoltaic power stations are located at remote areas, which makes it difficult to set the mains supply for the control systems. In addition, common power supplies can not meet the requirement of the ultra-high output voltage of photovoltaic arrays (e.g.200~800V).

Mornsun special power supplies for photovoltaic industry feature a wide input voltage range of 100-1500VDC, which allows the changing input voltage from low to high from arrays. They can be widely used in high voltage applications, such as PV combiner box, PV inverter, wind power inverter and high voltage storage applications, etc.

PV Combiner Box 

Mornsun PV15-27B24R2 power modules convert the power from the photovoltaic arrays and supply for the monitoring system, solving the problem of separately building mains which is expensive and difficult to maintain.

The modules feature a wide input voltage range of 100~1000VDC and a high isolation voltage of 4000VAC, and provide output over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse prolarity protections. PCB mounting, chassis mounting and DIN-rail mounting are available.

PV series

● Power rating : 5W , 10W , 15W , 40W , 45W
● Input range : 100-1500VDC 
● Output : 5V , 9V , 12V , 15V , 24V 
● Isolation : 4000VAC 
● PCB , chassis mounting , DIN Rail option

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