CAN가 이더넷으로 전환하다

This program is powered by 24V DC bus of site control system, the device converts the CAN normal communication mode to Ethernet signal to interconnect the communication between site and internet.

K78 is used to convert the voltage from 24V to 5V voltage to supply the transceiver of network communication, LDO and F0505S-1WR2 ( a ultra-miniature size power module of communication with 3000VDC isolated produced by Mornsun). And then LDO drop the voltage from 5V to 3.3V to supply MCU. Meanwhile, F0505S-1WR2 powers to the CAN controller, electromagnetic isolated devices and CAN transceiver. Those devices send the signal to CAN bus and realize the isolation and conversion of signal communication.

Long transmitting distance, the farthest transmission distance for fiber can reach 60 km. Particular technology of CAN Baud rate automatical adaption, without setting, CAN Baud rate is high up to 0~1Mbps(without configuration mode, factory defaults). Optical fiber transmission CAN network data. Transparent transmission, support CAN2.0A,CAN2.0B, meet ISO/DIS 11898 standard. CAN port with 3000V DC-DC isolation, 2500V signal isolation. Optical fiber isolation, thunder, surge and electromagnetic interference prevention.